Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Dance of Death


The dancers twirled beating ecstatic steps on the floor; the music filled the sky, and for a moment, distracted guns delayed adding rhythm.

 Random Word:  Endings


The End Times

burningIt was the running that hurt more then the walking. It had been like this ever since the home base burned. Walking meant you looked at your feet, blanking what was around you. When you ran you looked and saw what was being taken away. You ran not to die.

Random Word: Tell

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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Life’s Lessons

argue'You ain't so big. I bet your mammy still has to wipe your arse.' Doug stood firmer then he felt. It were his patch.
           The first punch missed him. There was no second punch as his look sent Bacon Ben screaming.
           Doug shouted, 'Your nowt but a goalie that kicks.'

  Random Word: Paper Tiger

Right conversation, wrong date

What if we had our own Heaven but shared Hell...and if you went to the wrong Heaven, it's kinda like purgatory. Hmm, steak or a green salad?

Random Word: Theology


Monday, 29 March 2010

Poetry Awards

awardsaward I got these unexpected awards for my poetry, which is sprinkled throughout the blog.The first is the Jingle’s Happy Moment Cross Culture Poetry Award  and the second is the Poetry Day Award. Thank you, Jingle. Due to technology (shrugs shoulders and raises eyes) I can’t put put them in my sidebar so I have created this award post. Just for you, I have posted two unpublished poems, the first is one I wrote on finding her 55-Friday Flash. The second, and far more profound, is about my brother’s death.


On finding a jingle
I wandered lost for day on day without a cheer
until, at last, a ray of hope, that even mere,
(I will aspire to mere) English as what wrote scribblers,
can see a verse in rhyme like this except for quibblers.

This more serious one, based on a villanelle, was written on discovering that my brother had been killed in a motor bike accident some six months before I stumbled on it doing internet research for a story.

Am I my brother's keeper?
We once had time to laugh, and be misheard,
when daddy hit the bastard child so sore
with silence, unspoken our final word.

Forgotten sister's boiled aniseed spurred
on scandal, says today, then we ignore,
for once we had time to laugh and be misheard.

My dream at school unsaid, and now absurd,
was one for all. Instead, a tug of war
with silence, unspoken our final word.

I left, and you did not, our life deferred
as I took the road less travelled by; for
we once had time to laugh and be misheard.

Our babies grew, you faded, a tale overheard
to linger - threadbare thoughts of how to restore,
with silence, unspoken our final word.

Perhaps your death, my chance to see what occurred,
to restore our loss in words and metaphor,
for once, we had time to laugh and be misheard
with silence, unspoken our final word.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Wedding’s off

umbrella'My shoe leaks.'

Sandra sat down with the umbrella leaving Rob to stand in the drizzle. It was then that he stopped loving her. The childlike pout was petulance, the naiveté masked stupidity, and the voice dull, not mellow.

Looking up, she fell in love with his strong masculine silence.

Random Word: Hole

My Six Word Saturday # 2

Describing your life (or something) this Saturday in a phrase using just six words. This is what others say on Show My Face.


                                               Me poems got a top mark!**


** I’m doing an University creative writing course and wrote four poems(a Sestina, Sonnet, Pantoum, and Villanelle) on love betrayed and regained.

Friday, 26 March 2010

55 Friday Flash Fiction #1


‘I sit and watch the phone. It is the ring-tone; it radiates my teeth so I watch for flashing. When it does, I do not answer because—’
           ‘I'm sorry but do I know you?’
           ‘It is your phone that rings, when I'm alone and you want—’
           ‘I think you better—’
           ‘This will stop you.’

Think you can write a story in 55 words? Go visit the G-man to see those who did.

The curious case of the night breasts



‘It wer awful, he...touched me...and said they were fruitful hummocks.’
           ’Watson, mark well the clue here that he is American and educated.’

Random Word: hummock.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Artistic Differences

Random Word: The Stash
villian‘You'll never get away with it.
           ‘Oh, really that’s just a cliché. I do get away with it, which is why I have oodles of money and you don't.’
           ‘Cut! Can we have less of the ad-lib, old fruit?’
           ‘But the script makes out I'm a demented cartoon villain.’

Anyone seen the bunny?




To lust for murder is worse then really killing. At least that what Jake thought as he waited. Lula knew better as she aimed at his heart.

Random Word: Assumptions

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Learning to see

Random Word: I learned
learn'Do you mind!
           It was market day, and Jack had just thrown his apple core.
           'Not unless I see the colour of your bleeding money, you've been poking them fruit all morning.'
           Wilhelm looked in the wrong direction. As Jack leaned over, he noticed the dog and the yellow jacket.

Reflections #1


Random word: Achievement

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Wither does she wander

Random Word: The Key
doorThe burning of heretics left stench stained smoke and a vanished door. Once, many years later, the soot of trains and factory spewings let some say they had seen it, but only they never came back. I just know that she opened it, and I must too, or she dies.

She wished


What if your desires really, really came true? Bite the bait of those that offer three wishes. See inside, and that's what you get. Want it

Random Word: Waking up

Monday, 22 March 2010

Hello Boys



Bill shivered seeing the advert, it was his little secret. They hadn’t wanted women even for the shoot that's how he came to love lipstick.

The one


Mike wanted love at first sight. Until he kissed and became lost in Kate's body. Mary waited for she did love. She buried him, unmarried

Random word: Loss

Hope and Dream

Random Word: Cloud Cuckoo Land

mountainYou’ll never amount to a pile of beans. Yor dad wer the same, head full of shit. It’s what sang and thumped whenever he tried to imagine and dream as work slowly killed him. As his son I dream for the both of them, as I sit on the mountain.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

My Six Word Saturday # 1

Describing your life (or something) this Saturday in a phrase using just six words. This is what others say on Show My

Son home, too ‘sick’ to work

Friday, 19 March 2010

Our last best hope

Random word: Baby


It blasted off, the flames cleaning the sky. As it climbed, Hol watched the broken cities fade knowing that the Back and Beyond project (B.A.B.Y) had to succeed. Secret signals suggested a forgotten colony but would they forgive what humans had become? His only hope was beating the Anwar Collective.

Time to get up


 Spiders are nightmare legs grappling you at night until the dawn bites. You wake, you hope but the silence says maybe until your eyes open…

Random Word: Night and Day

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Third date mistake

Random Word: Honeybun
spankingMy honeybun, my floppy bunny that I love
your daddy-waddy misses you so much akins.
I'm very sorry for the naughty things I does
perhaps I need to have my botty made hotty.
My little Nursie-Nursie come and do your worsie
                                        for daddikins wants his little freddie to have fun.

When you know it won’t work


Little men are rarely dangerous they can be humoured. Its the big men in a small body that cause problems. Wanting power, he was the worse.

Random Word: Relationship

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

War! What is it good for?


She sang softly rocking the boy asleep as the gunfire in the distance got louder.She knew what was coming but for now the innocence of song

Random Word: Lullaby

They treat us like animals

Rvetandom Word: The Vet
’I’m sorry to ask but are you insured?’
‘No, is it bad. Oh its bad isn't it?’
'She has cancer and its spreading fast. It would be best to let her feel no more pain.’
’But she is only in her seventies.’
’It would be best—.’
’But she’s my mother.’

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Fish Sleeping


A snake danced or slithered depending on his mood. Today it was slither as he packed his bag and gun. He would sleep tonight, so would she

Random Word: Night time

Wait till you read the memoires

Random Word: Wordless
wordless’I mean what can you do, I talk to our son Harry whenever, you know, drugs are on the news. Its terrible what's on the news today. I mean the price of things don’t you find. My husband says so, don't you dear.’
           ’Not that he says a lot mind.’

Monday, 15 March 2010

Sunday, 14 March 2010

alone but not lonely





each night sky a dab

of stars and a stroke of moon

captive on velvet







Random Word: Captive

Friday, 12 March 2010

The silence of the moment


The dancers twirled and beat ecstatic steps on the floor; the music filled the skies and for a moment quietened guns cocked for the ending.

Random Word: Dancing

Compassion - western version

Random Word: Veggie


‘We keep two sets of pans, one for us and one for the meat eater - daddy he won’t budge. Yes we stopped eating meat after the Congo holiday. Starvation, quite ruined the trip.  So now we are organic and only eat out if they are Michelin.  Less air miles, darling.’

Thursday, 11 March 2010

History but not as we know it

Random Word:  The long driveRandom Story Image

I tell you this Chinese dude did a long drive or something. It caused a big gay mess as he walked, causing lots of people to die from not being able to shop in malls. The Japanese invented the car because of it. That’s why my dad is laid off.

The end of the road

Random Story ImageRandom Word: Going to the movies

When we die, it isn't a film that plays but a song – it's harmony and melody dependent on the voices we helped or harmed as we live

Random Word: Going to the movies

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

When is life fair?

Random Word:Crossing the lineRandom Story Image
’I want to. You can’t stop me.’
’Ma always said no.’
’Ma’s been dead a year.’
’I don’t believe you can say that.’
’Well she has and its time you faced it.’
’Her ways are my ways so she’ll—’
’Ma loved us, you just want it easy.’
’Go…to your… room.’

Bimbo Bims back

Random Story Image

So I said to him, "is it circuit training or me?" And he said, "doing flips was hotter then me." So glad I shagged the instructor now.

Random Word: Leisure Centre

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

And the sins of the father…

Random Word: RippleRandom Story Image
He heard on the radio about the Berlin airlift but he was too sore to care. He would be so different.
What did dad know about Vietnam, his head hurt and he would do things better.
So we kicked ass in Iraq, the boy needed to learn what was right.

Forgive to be free

Random WRandom Story Imageord: Funeral
Today, we remember, He would rather forget. Today, no regrets or tears. He had both, alone in the  night. Today is for love. He was for hate.

Random Word: Funeral

Oh Miss, did they kiss?

Monday, 8 March 2010

The end shall be as the beginning

Random Story Image

'This is a test.' The last words heard but not the last said. These were, 'oh shi-'

Random Word: Oops

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sheep can be such bitches




The sheep said to the cow,

you, are so lowbrow

to think that we somehow

care of a moon or bowwow

to which the cow said, ‘Meow.’




Random Word : The sheep

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Friday, 5 March 2010

Grasshopper or Ant?


It’s 9.30am. In two hours a door opens,which depends on a day in an exam room when the barbecue summer was still a dream worth waiting for

Random Word: Tests

Scapegoat Democracy

scrapegoatRandom Word: Predators
We are the rulers with no blame.
It is those that we permit to lead that have the shame.
We are the rulers with no blame. 
For we without the stain of sin can shame.
We are the rulers with no blame.
The blessed of yesterday will take the shame.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

They know what you did

Random Story Image Random Word:  On the Bus

He got on. The door was shutting but some guy’s foot stopped it. Looking back he still couldn't see them, he was safe. Well no, he had delayed them. They know where to find him. Why was the guy by the door giving him the eye. He knew something.

Look behind you

Random Story Image

'Do you love me?' She looked away. Sam stroked her face. 'Please.' Looking up she saw her lover. Saying, 'Yes Sam,' allowed him to escape

Random Word: Lovers

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

When it’s time to move on

Random Story Image Random Word:  I need
‘I need you.’
           ‘No you don’t. You want a manikin with a painted smile showing off what you can afford to dress and get in your bed. Name one thing that makes me happy, that make me feel good  that isn't twisted round to you.’
           ‘Baby Doll… I need you.’

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Eating your diets

RandoRandom Story Imagem Word: Diet Tips
‘Are yor sure yor understood this rightly?  A gal getting a bit of meat on her bones just needs to put her back into work by my reckonin.’
           ‘Oh Pa, this is all the go in town, even cousin betty doin it.’
           ‘Bah.  How do eatin these tips work exactly?’