Saturday, 20 June 2009

Walls have ears

'You got the Chamber speech yet,' the boss

is hopping mad.

.....'Let him, he sucks,' said Angelica.

.....I bet she's a screamer, Harry thought as

he scanned the script.

.....Making them jump, the boss barked, 'Harry, sack the broad.'

.....Nice one, thought Harry, moving to offer a night of comfort.

The best time may be now

.....As Jason took his marriage vows, he

thought this was the best time ever.
He thought

the same ten years later when the divorce

became final. Turning to Mike, he just

shrugged. Mike knew what this cost him.

As he kissed Jason, he knew this was the best

time ever.

When you don’t get it

I don’t get hummingbirds, all flutter and bill
I don't get humans, all crunch and still

I don’t get hummingbirds, why like bees?
I don’t get humans, why like trees?

I don’t get hummingbirds, they smell
I don’t get humans, they sell

Who cares we know who is clever

Don't come aknocking unless you want to come in

'You hear, there ain't going to be a next time,' said

Marline, putting the glass down.

.....Bob, brushed the water away, shocked that he was

capable of punching—and enjoying it.

.....The look in his eyes made her step back.

.....'Hmm baby do you want to spank me as well.'