Tuesday, 29 July 2008


Mary smoothed down her dress, looked at the door and sat at the table: 'Could either of you pass the lasagne please; I need to save some for Dad.'

Not even taking his eyes away from the pinging phone, the teenage boy reached over and passed the glass dish over.

Slamming her knife down, Liz, in a bathrobe with hair still wet said, 'Mother, stop playing this game.'

She was ignored and a smile of sorts was sent over to the boy with a,'Thank-you, Tom.'

Calmly, the girl spoke again, 'Mother, I am speaking to you.'

Sighing, and reluctantly putting his phone down Tom looked over to Liz, 'Sis, stop the be true to your feelings crap and let Mom alone. You’re ruining dinner.'

Mary, hand trembling just looked at both their faces and  silently began to eat not listening as tears fall.