Tuesday, 23 June 2009

The Joys of Parenthood

'Ere mate give me a bleeding chance.' .....

.....Sir Sidney Smyth-Jones, looked over his bifocals

and asked, 'Why are you speaking like


.....At a loss, he turned to his manservant, who said, 'A

cockney geezer, sir.'

....'But it's all the go Pater.' .....

.....Yes… let us hope it keeps on going.'

A morning goodbye.

It was daybreak—they were coming. She heard the

warnings (who hadn't) but love
whispered stay.

As the sun fell, she sat, praying.

.....For the young that walked by she was the old woman

who muttered over her
rosary under sun or rain.

.....The aged just looked away as before.

One person's evening

'Naughty traffic warden time,' Aggie said,

pushing up breasts that caused most men

to double clutch.She wondered if this got his

pistons firing- afterall a woman needed

her engine revving to stop misfires.

.....The car crash silence told it all. He was

clearly pressing the accelerator of

something sportier.

Two lives

In a stage circle, the broken child smiles,

her hands rise in a circle for Earth.
We stand to mirror and sing out
a song of joy that she guides,
not as a spoilt copy,
but a divine spark
like you and me.
The nightmare
now a

Her last sounds
as gas hisses.
Condemned as corrupt-
a threat to purity.
Sterilised and removed.
No, not by Nazis fanatics,

they only strengthen the solution.
We had the kindness to merely discard.