Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Father moment

The sun had barely rose above the trees but already shorts and T-shirt felt you had mistakenly put on your winter furs.

 On the front lawn, James, still in pyjamas said, 'Dad, would you like American or British lemonade for 25 pence?' 

Alex, in neat underused track suit and as yet unsullied morning coffee said, 'What?'

'American is lemon and sugar with tap water but British is with sparkling water.'

 Still draining the coffee, Alex hesitated and said, 'Er...why the dif-

 'I remembered you said that, market, er…pigmentation increases your turnabout'

 'Ha, Ha, I can see I need to start planning the celebrations for your first million.'

 James just smiled, his plans went way beyond that type of small change.