Sunday, 12 July 2009

The last chance saloon

The bar was almost empty but the Juke Box was belting

out Cash singing, You are my Sunshine.

..... 'Have you saved the last dance for me', Jake asked.

Putting her bottle down, Kate said, 'I reckon I have.'

.....As he held her, he prayed she would make it to


Lovers tiff

‘Do you love me,’ asked Gertrude, looking up at Basil.

.....‘Like a Dragonfly, whose bright bejewelled looks

enchanted me from our first meeting.’

.....Gertrude looked up sharply. ‘Dragonflies only live

a few days—is this how long our love has?’

.....Basil’s hesitation was to him nerves but to her


Every cloud has a sliver lining

'I am afraid that the sperm tests confirm


.....'Yor what Doc?', Keith said looking confused.

.....The Doctor, in his best bedside manner, said, 'it

means that your gun only shoots blanks.'

.....Keith, smiling, said, 'Can I have that in writing?

.....'Yes but why?' It’s my licence for shag heaven.'