Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sex in England

The bed knocking woke him up.Ted glanced at the clock. 'Bloody  Hell,' and went to bang the wall.
.                          *** 
'Ooh no, I'll not be able to show my face,' she said. 'Wrap a pillow over you.'
'No use. They aren't stirring. You and your effing spice it up with bondage.'

On the weekend of the new football season.

'Feel my forehead and chest', Steve said


.....You are just trying to get out of Anna's

fiftieth, Nigela said.

.....Reaching over she was shocked to feel

how hot they were.

.....'I supposed I could go with Rosemary.'

.....Steve, moving the hot-water bottle away before she saw it, nodded weakly.

Careful what you wish for

They staggered on through the moonlight, a

grey line stretching from hill to hill—silent

except for the groans of the wounded and

the flutter of ragged flags. The swaggered

farewells of spring long replaced with anger.

.....At his execution, the King still shouted,

‘Victory or Death.’

....The mob agreed.