Monday, 23 August 2010

Dear Fatty - Dawn French (2008)

Dear Fatty



Epistolary biography with strong depiction of her comedy roots. Puzzling thankful account of Lenny( Marriage ends months later-hmm.) But powerful accounts of two fathers tragic deaths – her own and a boyfriend’s. Also interesting was reading the sheer haphazardness of her career start and the direction it could have gone.

Amazon_4_star: Good - read it again and loan it out or give to friends when shelves full.



Thinking is the enemy of creativity.


‘I’m sorry but it’s too representational.’ The cloud scene had bothered him all morning.  ‘I wanted authenticity.’

The artist glared, and then went to the Director’s car, which he smashed through the wall, creating a sky view. Staggering out, he said, ‘I’m calling it Cloudburst, is that bloody authentic enough.’

 Random Word: Director

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