Friday, 12 June 2009


.....'I sing on the days that are good and dance on those that are bad. He left me at the Cottonwood tree when the leaves rattled. The baby burned inside and stayed as I screamed for its smile. So I sing and dance until the leaves rattle, waiting his return.'

Blind Date

I hate beach sun,

on Whitsun leave
where fun means skin,
to chagrin, fries.
Instead, I want shade and raided libraries.

What can you say
when midday in
Biscay is cold
as cuckold love.
And heaven is sharkskin tan in blowtorch cove.

Who knew too late the date was fate?

A lost encounter

‘Did you find me?’


.....Maggie loved his extra bouncy lips.

'Where can we go?'

.....'I am sorry but do I know you?’

.....‘Not as much as I want you too.’

.....He blushed, got up and moved to the bar.

.....Mary said, 'You could just say the seat was taken.’

Plea Bargaining

I sat down and ate my last almond nut.

The first clue was my face swelling up.
Ma said, ‘Was I dumb dumb or what?’
The sharp response failed to come-
my throat kinda got stuck,
along with my breath.
So this was death.
Well not yet.
Is it?