Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Wortharead Wednesday #14

These are the five Twitter (#vss) stories that caught my eye mainly over the past 7 days. Click on the image or name if you want to visit the story site. Or on the date stamp to go direct to the story.

Their neighbor rings the bell and asks if they might spare a cup of sugar, and this is oddest thing they think has ever happened to them.Fri Jul 02 05:00:16 via API


I suppose we could go out tonight, have dinner, catch a movie. But that would only make life interesting. What would we do after that? #vssThu Aug 05 09:25:28 via web

John’s PhD had stalled. He couldn’t prove the existence of infinity in a number system. It was time to start again. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…. #vssThu Aug 05 12:26:44 via HootSuite

Dan didn't know anyone in his neighborhood. He left his house at night. Returned at night. The neighbors doubted if he was more than myth.Fri Aug 06 06:08:15 via web

"Spend more time on me," she said. So he killed her and spent the rest of his life tending flowers on her grave. At least he listened.Sat Aug 07 02:16:54 via Echofon

The Fairground Life

Fairground Security



Abd-ul-Rahim sat, slipped the package behind him, and then span the wheelchair towards the gaudy sound of the Carousel. From the Helter-skelter, a man spoke into a walkie-talkie and pointed.  But avoiding the running men, he jumped up, package in hand, and said, ‘Alā'-ad-dīn, tonight, “This is your Life.” ‘


 Random Word: Neon

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