Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Making an impression

Show and Tell


It was show and tell time. Greta was fed up of the Ruggle sisters and their film star grandmother. Who had ever heard of Green Acres? This time she’d upstage them.  In a fever of excitement she said,‘ My Father, a hitman and here his gu—  No wait. I’ve pictures.’

Random Word: Fever

What makes for good reading

I just think of it as three stages of writing. The first is raking the ground and making sure its right for the sowing of the seeds. Then you sow and what grows depends where the seeds fall so you are always surprised by the harvest. The final stage is taking the raw crops and shaping them in a dish worthy of the dreams you had when first breaking the soil.

Showcase Wednesday #5

This is a Twitter story that caught my eye this week. Click on the heading if you want to visit the author’s Twitter Site. Or the post timestamp to go direct to the story.


I shouldn't have asked "Is it mine?" when I heard she was pregnant. Such nasty stares from the vet

1:59 PM May 31st via Seesmic