Saturday, 17 April 2010

My Six Word Saturday # 5

Describing your life (or something) at the moment of writing on a Saturday in a phrase using just six words. This is what others say on

Plane crash

Volcanic dust strands friends in Canaries**

**My wife should have been with them but has a major operation due to cancer treatment on Tuesday but the day before the flight out we discovered that as the flight is over 3 hours she is at risk of blood clots etc as the surgery is 4-5 hours long. So with a great deal of reluctance on her part( loves the sun and wanted the holiday to relax and keep calm) and a certain amount of fixed smiles on their part as they lose £700 pounds( well they don’t as we refunded them) and have to get a new carer for their son who has Autism ( my wife looks after him in return for a ‘holiday’, which they claim back through his care allowance-now keep up and pay attention!)