Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Wortharead Wednesday #9

This is a Twitter story that caught my eye this week. Click on the heading if you want to visit the story site. Or the date stamp to go direct to the story.

short horror storiesDeadEndFiction

He was USA. She was UK. They argued over words. He kept knives and rope in the trunk of his car. She kept his body in the boot of hers.

11:45 AM Jun 23rd via web

Supermarket Performance Protest

Meat is murder


‘I consider it the ultimate performance – staving in the midst of plenty. It’s a metaphor for the shameful treatment of our African brothers.’

Wilma, cool as ice , said, ‘Fine with me, it’s good publicity for our new slimming lines.’

Both thought, I’ll give her a day at most.


Random Word: Ice 

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