Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Beginning of the End

He was just one of the dawn crowd rejected for casual work as too old, too young or a being a known union man like him. As he stamped away the cold a poster caught his eye. Missionaries wanted sons of  Adam to build new Eden.

Inside the New Eden centre, a row of ministers sat behind the purple robed Bishop who said, 'Do you believe in the Word of God even when misspoken by Man?'

Bert saw his room black with damp and the days when left to eat what others threw out and answered, 'Yes.'

He was considered a soul that could be saved. Yet at the dock, dressed in a linen shroud with the others selected to be 'born' again he hesitated. Was he to turn his back on fighting for honest pay for honest work?

The first lash hit flesh before England even sank away from sight of the waving  'dead'. The faithful were to build heaven on earth not inhabit it. Bert bided his time and strength until near the promised land and then he and the living rose up.

Bishop Range, fought the hardest to live, slashing and cutting each hand that grabbed for him. Stabbing at young Jack, he was delayed long enough for Bert to get hands on his throat. Ever tighter his hands held on as he looked deep into the Bishop's eyes watching them become as lifeless as glass marbles.

From the bank he saw the old ship's sails drop and then full with wind on its way up the river to the distant blue sea. It's decks full of those wanting to return with the truth for a cold land.

In the blood-hot heat, Bert packed away memories, and walked naked into the forest as monkeys howled and jived along the branches. New Eden had its Adam.  This one ready to challenge the unfairness of the banishment of those gone before.