Friday, 29 November 2013

A baby will come

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Julie smiled and looked away, 'Isn't the sun glorious!' 

Mary said, 'Your baby's adorable' but thought, Slut...mine's died. Showing nothing she said, 'Is she sleeping through the night yet?' 

Torn from my belly in pieces.

Julie  said, 'Sadly no' and made her excuses to leave.

Waving, Mary watched the pram pushed away...that baby is mine.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Father moment

The sun had barely rose above the trees but already shorts and T-shirt felt you had mistakenly put on your winter furs.

 On the front lawn, James, still in pyjamas said, 'Dad, would you like American or British lemonade for 25 pence?' 

Alex, in neat underused track suit and as yet unsullied morning coffee said, 'What?'

'American is lemon and sugar with tap water but British is with sparkling water.'

 Still draining the coffee, Alex hesitated and said, 'Er...why the dif-

 'I remembered you said that, market, er…pigmentation increases your turnabout'

 'Ha, Ha, I can see I need to start planning the celebrations for your first million.'

 James just smiled, his plans went way beyond that type of small change.

Friday, 22 November 2013

A successful marriage is all about give and take

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Beer can in hand, Billy said, 'Mate, I think you're in bed with my wife.'

'No pal, it’s kosher, I'm just mending the bed slats and they needed testing.'

Katie gave a look: 'You're think I'd be that stupid.'

Billy, ignoring the discarded trousers, opened his beer and said, 'No.'

Thursday, 21 November 2013

A Life Missed


Daisy was our first cat as a married couple. She arrived as a kitten, trembling and clinging to us for comfort.

As she grew, a Queen appeared, disdaining to notice dogs, rivals and us. But in darkness, she was our solitary guardian by our sleeping heads.

She left curled in pain, limbs poking stiffly giving us no chance to comfort or ease trembling for a last time.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Just because it happens, don't make it true

In the great Hall the tables were laid with roasts of the hunt, and wine from all lands in clay goblets. And the sons of  land and war feasted.

But to the horn's deep bellow a silence fall as gold and silver cups were paraded to the King and his wives. To cheers, they were raised in praise of gods in bronze that sat in judgement behind the throne.

Then the air rent and the fingers of a hand appeared and wrote on the plaster of the wall, near the lamps opposite the King. And then to the sound of faint strange words, it faded away in a burst of light.

'Stop you stupid boy.' Professor Skolling pressed a button and the portal image faded into popping blue dots. ‘So Mr Hooton, as you found this so droll perhaps you could encapsulate for the class its consequences.’

Sunday, 17 November 2013

The Beginning of the End

He was just one of the dawn crowd rejected for casual work as too old, too young or a being a known union man like him. As he stamped away the cold a poster caught his eye. Missionaries wanted sons of  Adam to build new Eden.

Inside the New Eden centre, a row of ministers sat behind the purple robed Bishop who said, 'Do you believe in the Word of God even when misspoken by Man?'

Bert saw his room black with damp and the days when left to eat what others threw out and answered, 'Yes.'

He was considered a soul that could be saved. Yet at the dock, dressed in a linen shroud with the others selected to be 'born' again he hesitated. Was he to turn his back on fighting for honest pay for honest work?

The first lash hit flesh before England even sank away from sight of the waving  'dead'. The faithful were to build heaven on earth not inhabit it. Bert bided his time and strength until near the promised land and then he and the living rose up.

Bishop Range, fought the hardest to live, slashing and cutting each hand that grabbed for him. Stabbing at young Jack, he was delayed long enough for Bert to get hands on his throat. Ever tighter his hands held on as he looked deep into the Bishop's eyes watching them become as lifeless as glass marbles.

From the bank he saw the old ship's sails drop and then full with wind on its way up the river to the distant blue sea. It's decks full of those wanting to return with the truth for a cold land.

In the blood-hot heat, Bert packed away memories, and walked naked into the forest as monkeys howled and jived along the branches. New Eden had its Adam.  This one ready to challenge the unfairness of the banishment of those gone before.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Oh Lord this day give me a sign of your love

The shop was full of the clothes and discarded gifts that the good give to the poor. Drawers and wardrobes emptied for the hope given by the next purchase lasting. 

Jack looked at the kid alone by the counter. One of the round slow ones, he thought.


Pedro said, ‘I hear, do you?’

Jack, smiled, and then turning his back to Pedro whispered to his wife, 'He’s harmless.’ Turning back, he said, ‘ It's the shopkeeper I want.

Pedro looked up with tears in his eyes and said, 'You don't hear, I hear.’

Before Jack could shout again he was interrupted with, 'Let's go dear, I can't see anything worthwhile here.'

As the door closed and footsteps faded away, Pedro said, ‘I hear the chorus of newborn Suns and weep for joy.' But only discarded hopes were left to hear.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Love is in deeds

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Mr Seal loved Miss Penguin but was too shy to say. Then he saw Mr Fox puckering up to kiss. Yet still no sweet words came.

Miss Penguin, a no nonsense gal just kicked Mr Fox into a pool and fall on him yelling for help.

She got her wedding and a new fur stole.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

And you will find me brother

From the window of the hospital, the only view were snow flurries killing off hopes of an early Spring.

‘Look at me.'

His eyes opened but remained cold.

’Doctor, can he hear me?’

’Yes, he’s fully conscious.’

Tom reached down to shake a shoulder: ‘Dad…Dad, tell the truth, please.’  A rasping sigh was all he got.

The doctor reached over and touched Tom's arm, ‘I am sorry but I need you to leave now.’

‘Look, I'm  his only son, and the bastard is going to be honest for once.’

From the bed, a soft laugh and a whisper of, 'No you ain't was all he got as final words.

Outside snow made roads silent and took away the colour of life.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

By moonlight did we meet

The long moon had made faerie woods where we walked to the sound of owls. It was a night to remember until I kissed you.

I could had ran and it would have been love but I didn't, so your knife slashed my throat. They say you drowned in blood but we know I had just made you hungry.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

A Missed Opportunity

Filla bent down to wash her hair in the spring. To amuse her Ombi cheekily shouted to a passing white woman, ‘Longapela winim!’

Lady Southfields, asked the guide, ‘I'm sorry, what did he say?’

Looking at the ground, he replied, ‘Erm...him saying you looking good.’

She turned, rolled her eyes and smiled at Filla before continuing her walk.

Ombi laughed and trust his body to and fro before shouting, ‘Pilai wantaim meri?’

Lady Southfields would indeed but she preferred softer flesh.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

When dark even stars lie

In the Terror, vans crossed Moscow with the purged. Each van bright with painted food as lies to keep hope alive. 

We bathe the Centre for Reviving Youth in faces of the newly shorn. The living  are told it’s they we purify, not the dead. Immoral images again giving hope.

Friday, 8 November 2013

For the King is a Lion when Rats rule

Royalty hath assented Laws on me. No dirty paws shall sully my face with thank-you scrawl.

'Dad, the new desk is wobbly.'

From the other room, Jeff snapped,
'Alice, now, or no X-Factor.' That brought him creaking silence.

Yet later, he found just a bare desk: 

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Freedom is a price worth paying


It was Miss Brown's final show and tell.

‘I have the  bestest yellow-headed rag-doll.’

’With less of the attitude, young lady.’ After forty years kids were still a pain, she thought.

'Miss, my mom told that St George woulda been beat by you.'

Her first and last slap was worth life on stale bread and twice dipped tea bags.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Food for Thought

‘I say that the best potato salads come from Bavaria. They are so opulent served hot and chunked with bacon. So much, better then the chilled mayonnaise ones that our Americans cousins favour…’ 

 Mary, numb and exhausted kept her best hostess smile on hold, as she thought, What did the phone call mean?

Friday, 1 November 2013

Sergeant Patterson's Day

'The grass is bent, the tree branch broken and the wall scuffed…what does this tell us?'

'Don’t know Sarge …that they have a big dog?'

Peering over his glasses, Detective Sergeant Patterson sighed, 'Remind me again, Stevens why you joined the police force.'

'Easy Sarge, the intellectual challenge like.'