Thursday, 19 December 2013

A Historical Mistake

Old meets new. The dirty yellowing bandaged body smeared the lab of white tiles and shiny steel in a room dark except for the pulsating green light in a single tube of glass. To its beat a  ripped brown leather and blackened bone face appeared and faded from each shiny surface . Each a frozen death scream.

Looking down, Professor Williams hesitated to press the activate button. Failure would be to lose what Narmer the founder Pharaoh of Egypt could reveal. Yet could success be worse? Absolute power in any age made for men difficult to control. Yet the prize was recognition of his life's work. The University and department would be his! Calmer, he pressed the Energern.

The body under its rays began to shine and pulsate ever brighter and louder before a flash turned the room searing white. Professor Williams screamed in a language unheard since the Saharan crocodiles roamed free,

'Again will I fill the earth and subdue any living thing that moves on the earth.'