Saturday, 31 July 2010

Let him without sin…

Drug rap priest

As the choir sings Soul of My Saviour, I am handed a blurred photo that shows, through a gap in the curtains, a face, dappled by stained-glass colours, and a hand, cupping smarties like drugs.  With a shock. I realised it is Father Thomas, clearly singing from the wrong hymnsheet.

Random Word: Ignominious


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Six Word Saturday#20

Describing your Saturday life on Show My Face at the moment of writing in a phrase using just six words.


Up at dawn because of dog**

** Rosie sleeps in the bedroom (long story) and in summer wakes me up at daybreak for reassurance that she isn’t alone. Funnily, never my wife who can sleep through an earthquake sleeps soundly. I, if I have had at least 5 hours sleep, is then very awake. For I’m that annoying guy from the hotel or camp who is chatty, smiley, full of get and go while you struggle to sip coffee and the world is in slow motion cotton wool for at least three more hours. So walk the dog says you (or tackle that garden you moaned about last week – please no need to turn abusive). I would walk her but then she goes back to sleep and gives me the ‘Why are you disturbing me look’, if I even venture to say walkies. So at 5.30am it’s catch up on the news, surf the net, do some writing and drink tea until someone surfaces. Given it’s nearly the solitude may end soon, honest. But 6WS on Show My Face isn’t even up yet. Sigh, it’s another cup of tea then.