Saturday, 4 July 2009

Guess who is cooking dinner

As they waited for the door to open, Jane said,

'And in no circumstance mention the mashed


.....Tim already nervous, squeaked 'Why'

.....Jane rolled her eyes. 'Mum mashes spuds

with the skin on but Dad mashes peeled.

.....'State a preference and the other will pull

the plug on us'

Hidden danger of lust

The ice-cream man tolls his bell for the

living—and the walking dead. The living run

for cold heaven, the dead to plead for sleep.

And one will gain peace if a living child's lust

for ice-cream distracts leaving a car and a

smiling fading wraith their last living memory.

High School Drama

'You never getting any of these dumplings,

you hear.'

.....'Suits me I like to feel peaches not sacks

of corn.'

.....'Yes well I like a man who can see

beneath his belly without a mirror.'

.....'Very droll, but could we keep to Shakespeare's script for The Taming of the Shrew.'

Once in New Orleans

From her table, Rachel heard Saul say, in

his usual God's-gift-to-women voice, 'New

Orleans is jazz history—'

.....Turning to Pablo she said, 'Its one of his

trailer-trash pickups.'

.....Pablo glanced over and said, 'Hmm. great package.

.....Rachel looked back over. 'Believe me his package ain't great,' she said loudly.

Children learn what they are taught

Gallop, gallop little horsie until the castle is


The children played below as the adults

talked—it was going badly.

astle, castle let down your gates for the


Fists slammed and dire threats echoed off walls.

Not on your chinny, chin, chin

Soon the children fought for real.

You find the God you seek

'Pray to Saint Catalina and she will cure you of the plague.'

the Friar said, fleeing
the pleading sick.

.....She raged that death was visiting her and not the Church.

.....That her survival became the miracle of Tunmoor was an

irony not lost on her as she
committed to Luther.

Life cycles

'I could have saved the world had they listened,' was his last thought as he died.

.....Cites from Memphis to Moscow burned

in crackled silence—the screams long

gone. Soon the smoke would draw the long

winter in.

Life would have to claw up again to fill

the empty spaces.

What are lips for?

'I want to kiss a Blackman,' Freda said at

Friday teatime—on Wedn
esday and

Monday,the colour was different.

.....The other residents learned to ignore


.....Her daughters from travelling had married a rainbow of men. On weekends, the

husband bowed so Freda could say hello with a kiss.

Salon Gossip

'That man is so vulgar,' Lady Vera said, picking a sorbet.

Lady Genève, declining, said, 'Do say more.'                                      

'Well, I understand that his invitation rests on Lord Halifax being too near the stench of financial scandal.'                                 

'No friend, they live the crime not fit to be named.'

‘You mean—’




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