Friday, 13 August 2010

When you don’t listen straight

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The stench of heaving men hung heavy. Serious metal weights crunched.  Ray, looked around, he was the only white guy in the gym.

‘We’re having breakfast here?  But you said, “Come and eat at Dairy Queens?” ’

Otis, now down to a black leather pouch, said. ‘Nope, I said, “Come and meet other Dairy Queens”.’


Random Word: Permeate



Footnote: If you went eh? Dairy Queens are fast-food restaurants in the US South. It’s also American gay slang . Apologies to Americans for my southern accents!

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Neighbourhood Watch



On a day of monsoon rain, I look out and see a car dashed with paint. Annoyed, we wait to see, if it’s at least, a neighbour we don’t like.


Random Word:Perfidious 




Image Maker: Marcel Booth

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