Wednesday, 19 May 2010

When men were men

Man on phone


‘Isn't it super,the bags are packed…what darling, I can’t hear. Reggie? Yes he’s coming as well. I thought we could…of course he’ll not play gooseberry, it’s our holiday…oh alright, bye darling.’

‘Reggie old sport,  do you mind, Val a bit scratchy—’

‘Do you think she suspects, sweet-pea?’



Random Word: I love it

Showcase Wednesday #3

This is a  microstory that caught my eye in Twitterland this week. Click on the heading if you want to visit the author’s Twitter Site.

She left because apparently everything she did ended up in my damn stories. What a great plot twist, I thought.

8:49 PM May 13th via Seesmic