Tuesday, 24 March 2009

People Power

Looking out of the window, he saw the crowds far in the distance like ants waiting for a strong foot to ground them down. ‘Minister the people await you,’ calls an anxious official who at least still had faith in the people. He believed until shot in the forgotten purges.

Life goes round

When you are young, they say schooldays
are best, leastways
that’s what old men
say to chasten.

For open fields call me when young,
schooldays unsung
for play and skies
and butterflies.

Old age now calls for me to say,
write the essay,
work out the sums
but play with chums

Community Spirit

The house on the hill wer a queer place. That’s what the folks all say after church. Too many bad things ‘ad happened since they came. Old Luke ‘ad even lost his best cows. Why no one attended church even when the minister ‘ad called. The strangers had to go.

The bad news

Wedding night jitters
Only really matters
Royal minders say if
Sovereign’s aperitif
Ensures no hanky-panky
Or shrinking dinky
For they must a heir
Frankly, and a spare.

They ain’t so little now

This dame was sitting on the grass cus of her being too poor to sit up. She was eating some slop rather than proper food, when this great big black spider sidled up and started laying it on her. She just gave him a look that made him looked stomped.

I will never leave you

The corpse of his wife had flaps of decaying flesh and the hair he remembered so well. Worms sat in her eye sockets and wriggled where once blue had blazed. The stench was of rotten earth but still his arms went out to her, She had come back as promised.

Hollywood Holocaust

As they lay living skeletons betrayed by humanity and the laws of God, they struggled to accept a fate of being a ledger entry: teeth, clothes, gold all serving the needs of a State that didn’t need them.

'Lovely words, darling but too wordy for a script. Think visuals, darling.

Fellow passengers

Standing in the corridor, she glared at the waiter,
.........‘Surly this is a mistake,’
.........‘No madam they are guests of the Count.’
.........From the cabin, the man wearing down-at-heel clothes and smoking a pipe called out, ‘you’ll alright love.’ His wife smiled at his manners as she sipped her beer.

Beware of Gifts

The door finally opened, the gold black one closed for a thousand years, The tallest, and broadest of the men picked his bow up and strutted out, yelling to the horde to wait. He hungered for the outside to be his, But doors let in. They waited hungry as well.