Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Leadership is more then the rewards of office




‘Sire, the Vampires will forgo the blood fee for sea access.’

The Duke distracted with bosoms, said,‘So be it.’

‘Sire, what of the Harvest ships,’

The Duke weary of responsibility dismissed him.

The Minister’s solution was a personal sea voyage with a letter that offered the Duke as blood fee.




Random Word: Harvest

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Wortharead Wednesday #16

These are the Twitter (#vss) stories that caught my eye mainly over the past 7 days. Click on the image or name if you want to visit the story site. Or on the date stamp to go direct to the story.

Every time he overheard someone saying "I could never live without my...", he would steal it to see if they were lying to themselves. #vssWed Aug 18 14:55:27 via web

It just didn't seem right, dumping a body in the middle of gods nowhere but then why should I care? Its not like we were friends.Thu Aug 19 07:05:57 via TweetDeck

Extremely tired of her husband’s snoring, she dropped a bit of long lasting glue on his lips and then gently closed them. #vssFri Aug 20 04:19:27 via web

Albert never went back to that clothing store again. The shirt did not, in fact, flatter his chest. #vssSat Aug 21 03:24:43 via web

They did not march in wearing jackboots. They came quietly in Gucci loafers. But they were the same men with the same agenda.Sun Aug 22 12:49:13 via web