Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Behind the headlines

How long does it take to plan a murder? A ride down town, flying to New York from upstate? You need routine time so you can think knives, hit men, car accidents. It makes going home feel good knowing one day it could be empty. Life’s bearable for another day.

A woman’s right to choose.

A true woman can wear
make-up and sexy
sensual dress

A true woman can blast
to the sky with roar
ringing in ears

A true woman can sacrifice
for children 0r husband’s
hoarded love

A true woman can change
the world, herself, when

She decides.

A true woman rocks!

Swinging both ways

It was out of respect to his wife that he slept with men. She was the only woman he loved. Playing around would cheapen her and tarts soon want sticky fingers. Better were men, strangers, unkissed, undressed, and handled with emotion left in the discarded clothes. Love has many voices.

O Lord deliver us the last supper

Each night, a pickle, a slice of the best Wiltshire ham and a slice of Melton Mowbray pork pie was placed out. She had done this for forty years of marriage. He had arrived back drunk and maudlin for thirty of them. They both hated what life had served them

No such thing as a free lunch

.....Floppy Bunny was hopping along when he saw a big carrot. Looking very carefully around, Floppy saw no one so tiptoed towards the juicy carrot.
.....Floppy of course didn’t look up so missed the hawk dropping down.
.....The farmer did and shot both-one for the pot, the other for poaching.

Breakfast at Tiffany

.....I despise you, she thought as Mary asked,' Darling could you pass the milk?'
.....I know what you are up to you bitch, he thought as he said,
'Of course. Have you plans today?'

.....Why, your rent boy want a service, she thought as she smiled and said, 'No, darling.'

They got their Desserts

.....‘Dam trade, thinking money buys them me family name…asking where I got me furniture,’ said Lord Charles growing red faced.

.....Felicity smiled and calmly said, ‘Daddy, we need to save the estate and if that means marrying folk too common to know puddings from dessert, it’s my sacrifice.’