Monday, 22 June 2009

Dine as King's do

It was payday. The room gleamed as children in

Sunday best jigged. Martha
stood proud in her

frayed wedding-dress as Herbert arrived to proudly

lay wages and steak on the table. It was bread,

cheese, and hungry Friday the rest of the week but

on payday, they ate like Kings.

Bread and God

David asked, 'Do a story about Jewish bread'

.....Johan thought and said, 'Flat or round bread?


.....'Once God saw a good man go hungry. Out of love, He made

flatbread into plaited bread. The man thanked God by giving the

bread away.'

.....'That’s a story?'

.....'For those that listen.'

Beware of the inner man

Trying on the Armani suit Joe looked into

the mirror and what he saw made him think

that's so me. Swirling around, he caught the

assistant's eye, and felt dirty.

.....Avoiding why. Joe drew out a blade and

said, 'Wat yo mother looking at?'

....The smile made him lash out.