Sunday, 19 July 2009

When its right

If he woke up at dawn, he loved to just

watch her and pull aside the sheets, not for

sex that would come when it came, but to

trace his fingers over her tan-lines and feel

even in old age the wonder that she of all women could love him.

First drive

The car engine cranked and then roared

into life, zooming the car out of the driveway

into screeching traffic. A van clipped the

side spinning it back into the garden.

.....Recovering her breath, Ma Jones hit the

instructor with her umbrella. 'You see that's what happens when you don't explain.'

When you visit the wrong optician

‘Your refit is ready sir.’

.....The first visit resulted in a wrong prescription, an

incorrect lens fitting and a damaged frame.

.....Jack drove to the store that had boasted being the

best in town. A huddled conversation, suggested

‘third time lucky, sir?’

.....No he said,’ its once bitten twice shy.’