Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Don’t leave home without an invite

‘When will we arrive at the new Earth?’

Elemental had fled the dying times- the last best hope for humanity. At the ceremony, the year borns asked the ritual question.

And received the ritual lie as they orbited-waiting.

The lost and homeless are rarely wanted even out in the stars

Embroiders do it backwards

‘You have gone and cheated.’

‘No I didn’t, you bitch, we’re allowed to use backstitch.’

‘You so did the same thing at the Birmingham and Jersey conventions.’

‘That was much better, do you think that's going to keep the Judges distracted?

‘Well look at the cups, it worked everywhere else.’

When milk was an aspiration

The horned cow stood by her calf ready to kill, her leg bleeding. Gar was starved and to finish would mean the feeding of his family. Yet the moon-god said greet those that look at you with death.

Laying down he watched the cow lick and suckle.
And looking, wondered.

Sleep perchance to dream

‘Sleep is ripe for attack,’ they said.

The war, a commonplace – not noticed except for those with tears for eyes, needed a new final push.

‘We’ll infect the dreams of the enemy,’ they said.

Victory came swift, except dreams tap the same well, so we had Peace, but not rest.

Grasp the Bird’s Tail when you can

‘Grasp bird’s tail,’ he said, waving his arms to dismiss us.

The long search had brought us to a drunk who thought more of his bottle then us

.....‘How do we?’

.....‘Hold tight. Just hold tight,’ he whispered.

.....We didn’t because we finger wagged and let the bird fly away.