Saturday, 14 March 2009

Love the child to be the man

The quiet back row child is dull or stupid,

just like the rest of them, the bloody paddies,
they only drink, and need a good scrubbing.
He had rags on and smelt of shit Tuesday.
I get the creeps the way he looks at you,
big empty eyes. The gossip says uncles
have had a hand spreading legs, if you get
my drift. I know the mom, so can believe.
I knew the words your head made up, they leaked
inside my brain slowing it up, a cancer
waiting. to burst when ever happiness crept in
I once had pills to scrub it dead but woke
early knowing even Jesus says no
so loved the child I was,to grow the man.

Humid Nights

The flesh felt best cool with a hint of moisture as you stroked it by the light of golden gas. Making her neck stretch as veins throb for your tongue and teeth.
..........‘Excuse me, can we have the coffee we ordered now.’
..........Dam the urges were getting stronger
..........‘Sorry madam.

Who Heard

‘I tell you what to do’, he struggled to say nearly falling off the barstool. They had been regaled with horror stories of what happens on the lecture circuit. Pulling up straight, he fixed on his words.
..........‘Always check your mike is off before saying you screw the boss’s wife.’

Tarnished Hero

He fell in love with her faded, rusty look. He had enough of the gleaming waxwork blondes or the brittle brunettes who stuck around as long as his cash did. With her he wanted to make it so she was safe and never had to cry for what he did.

A child is born

I was a changeling child
abandoned but with golden
hopes that real mum
and real dad once
secret deeds were done
would rush crying to hold and hug,
making me
a real family

Sitting, staring at a dirty bed
listening to the drunkard
brawls below, pictures
formed of futures,
of hospital mistakes
so my home wormed
away by a sickly child
meant for this life.

If I was really good or really ill
Doctors and teachers would
know who I was.
I would
have the birth
for me.

Reunion Risks

‘Isn’t it fantastic to see so many old faces.’ she said with glass eyes and smile that made you know she married the Dentist. Pulling Harry in behind her, she charged towards the old gang waving at her with fixed smiles.
Behind her, the gun was ready for payback time.