Friday, 10 July 2009

Whatever love is

Nora lived lets pretend: marriage, love,

Saturday night sex, all for show. A sham

that kept neighbours and family happy. Ah,

bless look at the newlyweds they said,

except he liked men and she turned a blind

It was easier to play couples then ask

whose rules, whose lies.

When do you get old?

'Your dad is so old; he can remember what

he was doing when the first black President

was elected.'

.....'Yeath but your mum is so old, she still

has vidpics of the clone Michael Jackson


.....Listening to the argument, Mike

wondered when his memories had slipped into being history.

Get the words right

'Oh, I say what a corker of a black eye,' Bertie

said, cracking a grin.

.....'Yes laugh when a chap is down,' said

Rodders. 'I
have been wacked by the fair


.....'Got too near the knicker line what?'

.....'No I said she was worth mucking with,

and she

On a winter's day

It was the sunshine on his shoulders that

made him cry. He never cri
ed but here he

was blubbering worse then a Barbie doll

The coffin slide down into the grave,

a clatter of dislodged soil disturbing a robin.

Clutching his son, he felt the warmth as her


Sisterly Love

'He's the sort that thinks he can walk on

sunshine,' Marjorie said, reaching for a


.....Helen tutted. 'Now you now what the

doctor said.'

..... 'I thought we were discussing

your mistakes in men, not my waistline.'

.....'Naturally'. Helen said in a light tone, before looking away. One…two… three…