Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Wortharead Wednesday #13

These are the Twitter (#vss) stories that caught my eye mainly over the past 7 days. Click on the image if you want to visit the story site. Or on the date stamp to go direct to the story.

Tiny FictionTiny_Fiction

McFoible woke to see thousands of tiny little chairs and tables. Time to phone the exterminators. The carpenter ants are back.1:00 PM Jul 28th via Seesmic


"Ball Spa" Soothing scrotum wash for the discerning businessman. It IS NOT just a cup of hot water...8:57 PM Jul 29th via Twitter for iPhone

Ben Whitemidnightstories

Hey, I told her there was Lamb Chop in the stew. I never said which one. Don't be upset, honey. It was my favourite TV show growing up too.6:00 AM Aug 3rd via API

Gaye Beargardenbuddha

It was late when she got home, but there was enough light to check on the vegies she had planted earlier. But that's another topic. #vss7:12 AM Aug 3rd via web

We’re still friends, aren't we?

Best Man Speech


Sipping his wine like an engine desperate for oil, Carl ignored the voice in his head and started his Best Man’s speech. It went well until the story about the Thai bargirls. The ping-pong balls he threw by way of illustration clicked, clicked loudly through the silent room.‘Told you so.’


Random Word: A Quart Low

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