Friday, 19 February 2010

Death and Taxes – the only certainties

Random Word: Flying

Random Story ImageHello…  Anyone there?
Bill.   Bill Ridge
Just a moment. Oh the self referrer. I’ll be needing your returns.
Your returns. For your balance although—
Look I had a belly—
Don't worry.  What’s your heart’s desire?
To *&%$ the IRS
Sorry they have first call.

Matt Ruff- Set This House In Order (2004)

Set this house in order
Oddball romantic-drama. Andy Gage is the key 'soul', managing his household of multi-personalities, working in dysfunctional IT start-up business. Matched up by his kooky boss with Penny, still warring with her 'souls', his life unravels—secrets not faced come back with a bite. Sensitive and funny account with vivid characters.

Amazon_4_star: Good - read it again and loan it out or give to friends when shelves full.

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