Saturday, 19 June 2010

Six Word Saturday#14

Describing your Saturday life on Show My Face at the moment of writing in a phrase using just six words.

Cleaning[7]“Joint” clean-up: wife explains when stuck**

Like many a marriage you learn compromise. Let’s just say that cleaning up together now means we agree separate rooms and a time to start. When it meant the same rooms together, the time I took to dust, polish, wash the floor, tidy the cushions, pick the clothes up, track the source of the mystery smell etc was the time she took in arranging the flowers, wondering about the colour of the light and remembering why that friend’s phone call was so urgent. Then she would come back and explain what else I needed to clean. Somehow the subsequent open and frank exchange of opinion wasn’t always appreciated. But now when she explains what else needs cleaning in our joint expression of domestic bliss, I point her gently back to her own chore rooms. We ain’t divorced yet so it’s working!