Friday, 3 July 2009

Only the eyes

auidioboo 'It’s the eyes I slash first. I likes the squishing noise made.'

The writing circle went quiet.

‘Writing stops me feelin gloomy like. If it's on paper, it like it's not real anymore.'

'Yes thank-you, so any feedback for Sandy?'

Nothing moved, except for eyes tracking where his hand was

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Who watches the watchers?


'Heretics are to be hairless, sire.' He would wake up feeling the hairy body.

‘Is this Scriptural, Humboldt?’

‘It’s Cain's mark, sire’. holding him down… fingers exploring

‘So why now this token of shame?’

’It is the Lord's will that the sinful are known’.... teaching him sinful pleasure.



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Love at a fat camp

'Stretch, campers. Feel the burn.'

Heart booming, Eddie stood thinking so

this is the best a man gets.

A velvet voice interrupted, 'Buy us a

soda, big boy,'

Turning round he saw breasts you slept

under and a rear fit for a week's hike. They tonsil wrestled on the way.

Does love travel with baggage

'I hate you more…more …than double maths,' Annabel said, slamming out.

Betty just looked at Carl daring him to say anything. Who wants to be step-mom, Betty thought, as she lit up.

'Baby she's gonna love it, Just give her time.'

Betty gave Carl the look and made her decision.

Dracula by radio

Dracula: 'Bare to me your white virgin throat,'

sounds of flapping curtains

Virginal teen: 'Oh get real you old perve.'

Dracula: 'Why I have--'

Virginal teen: 'You ain't eating for free granddad.'

Dracula: 'And your price.'

bed creaking as he sits

Virginal teen:'Now we are in talksville.'