Saturday, 17 April 2010

My Six Word Saturday # 5

Describing your life (or something) at the moment of writing on a Saturday in a phrase using just six words. This is what others say on

Plane crash

Volcanic dust strands friends in Canaries**

**My wife should have been with them but has a major operation due to cancer treatment on Tuesday but the day before the flight out we discovered that as the flight is over 3 hours she is at risk of blood clots etc as the surgery is 4-5 hours long. So with a great deal of reluctance on her part( loves the sun and wanted the holiday to relax and keep calm) and a certain amount of fixed smiles on their part as they lose £700 pounds( well they don’t as we refunded them) and have to get a new carer for their son who has Autism ( my wife looks after him in return for a ‘holiday’, which they claim back through his care allowance-now keep up and pay attention!)


  1. My Six Words for You: Nature calls the shots, not humans!

    Six Words about reading

  2. Wow, I'll bet your wife is glad she missed that trip since they are stranded. Hope her surgery and treatment goes well. ((hugs)) Kathy

  3. Thing work out mysteriously...and this was for the best in all points I'd think.

    My 6 words are posted. I do hope you can stop by if you have's HERE

  4. My six words to you:
    Wishing your wife all the best!

    Happy 6WS!
    Mine 6WS is here
    Have a great weekend!

  5. ~a twist of fate...strange how life works...may your wife be held in the hands of the higher ones...sending healing thoughts and strength to your l♥ve...warm wishes and blessings aplenty to you and yours always~

  6. Things really always do happen for a reason!

  7. I hope your wife will be alright.



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