Friday, 26 March 2010

55 Friday Flash Fiction #1


‘I sit and watch the phone. It is the ring-tone; it radiates my teeth so I watch for flashing. When it does, I do not answer because—’
           ‘I'm sorry but do I know you?’
           ‘It is your phone that rings, when I'm alone and you want—’
           ‘I think you better—’
           ‘This will stop you.’

Think you can write a story in 55 words? Go visit the G-man to see those who did.


  1. wow. intense 55...

    mine is up...

  2. Oh, no, cell phone torture! It was only a matter of time.

    Very creepy.

    I’m up here.

  3. First, welcome to my blog. Thanks for leaving a comment. I love meeting new bloggers.

    Yes, your 55 was pretty intense, chilling, and creepy as others have said. Loved it. :)


  4. I can't believe how many wrong numbers I get when it's such a simple task to store the number they actually wanted.

  5. That's exactly the reason I try to avoid phones. Someone thinks you should communicate.

    By the way this phone conversation is being recorded for quality purposes.


  6. A chilling 55! I'm not a fan of the telephone either.

  7. Yes, a bit macabre.
    But thats what makes it YOURS!!!
    Excellent 55 My Friend.
    I hope you had fun with this because it ROCKED!
    Thanks for visiting others today, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  8. I'm with Prayer Girl. This was spine tingling and well done. Thank you for stopping by my place.

  9. Good and chilling. Sitting and waiting and watching. Yikes. Cell phones radiating teeth? Yeah...I can feel that.


    mine is here,
    hope that you enjoy the time visiting my blog when you are free!

    take good care,
    you rock!

  11. loved it very much,
    I admire your style!

  12. 'tis why I often put mine on silent (or turn it off completely)


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