Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Wedding’s off

umbrella'My shoe leaks.'

Sandra sat down with the umbrella leaving Rob to stand in the drizzle. It was then that he stopped loving her. The childlike pout was petulance, the naiveté masked stupidity, and the voice dull, not mellow.

Looking up, she fell in love with his strong masculine silence.

Random Word: Hole


  1. What a moment can do.

    Stupidity indeed -- wasn't the bench (or whatever she sat on) wet from the rain? So now her butt's wet as well as her feet -- maybe she'll think she peed herself.

  2. @susan she was too busy thinking about her very expensive shoes, which a previous boyfriend had brought - ouch

  3. Ah, the irony. His reaction to her selfish act, of ceasing loving her, was what caused her to love him, misunderstanding what he was thinking.

  4. @ Ji, hah shucks, shuffle feet
    @ Peter yes you can see an entire soap opera story arc developing!


    how are you?
    I looked at some poems you write,
    cool stuff,
    now handing you poetry day award.
    Happy Monday!

  6. The world drizzle is like sugar.


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