Friday, 21 February 2014

Work in progress

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'Take of the earth its fruits only if sown with the sweat of your labours,' said the LORD.

This was so said Kings and the lowly said Amen.

Till truth fell Kings to sweat in fields.

And then it came to pass that Bankers said this was so and the lowly said Amen.

Till truth...


  1. yeah, bankers are the king now... ~

  2. you want the truth
    follow the money
    and see who is paying
    for it.


  3. Bankers had to study for years to know how to circumvent the law, they did indeed
    work and sweat very hard. Such is the way of the world!
    Loved your Have and Have Not 55
    Thanks for playing My Friend, I very much appreciate your support
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  4. You can bank on the bankers going for the money...

  5. The scripture of the Holy Green(at least here in the US) and lo, the lowly get the sweat without the fruit.

  6. You've certainly go that right. Money speaks.


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