Saturday, 22 February 2014

Winter Blues

On a summer day Grasshopper dude was hanging when he saw Ant toiling.

‘Wassup bro come and chill', he called.

‘Far too busy, I must work or starve. Times change,’ sneered Ant.

Alas chill winter came.

Grasshopper warm and chewing on roasted Ant thought, Yep, change with the times, bro.


  1. Ha.. loved how you changed the moral here.. really bril... and the language of that Grasshopper ...

    1. If only it was the hard workers that got the rewards!

  2. Change with the times, nice twist in the ending ~ Enjoyed the down to earth personification of characters ~

  3. ha. i think this one is perhaps a bit more true to our world
    all the grasshoppers eating those that did the work.

  4. It is just unfair and one knows it. It somewhat ends in lots of injustice and one can only scream with horror but to no effect. Strength has its advantages, unfair advantages! Nicely!


  5. mmmm. roast.... ~

  6. haha
    Gorgeous little vignette of daily life on earth.
    Pity the sneering ant copped it. I rather admired his defiance.

  7. Ha I used the same one with a different slant. Enjoyed !

  8. Ha!Ha!Loved this modern,though bit cruel take on the original fable-poor toiling ant ;-)

  9. Much more true to life, though the grasshoppers rarely invited the hardworking ants to join in the fun.


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