Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Wortharead Wednesday #17

These are the Twitter (#vss and other wise) stories that caught my eye over the past few days. I tend not to feature the very popular Twitter authors or publishing houses on the basis you will have found them if you are interested. My process is that I favourite any that catch my eye during a day’s viewing as well as doing a search via various #hashtags on Wednesday.  To hold my interest, I want for example, an unexpected twist, a quirky idea or scene, a playful use of words or my curiosity nudged into a ‘hmmm.’  A laugh or an aww won’t hurt either. This usually leaves me 20+ stories that I whittle down to five for no other reason that I can. Click on the image or name if you want to visit the story site. Or on the date stamp to go direct to the story.

Ed decided to alphabetise his friends and introduce the Dewey decimal system to the more complicated of his relationships. #vssFri Aug 27 17:19:24 via Echofon

He told her he loved another. She shrugged. And that affects me how? #vssMon Aug 30 03:02:50 via web

Her parents' will gave the combination to their safe. No gold. No jewels. Only a single photo of her as a baby boy. #vssTue Aug 31 16:05:03 via Twitter for iPhone

Sometimes I think people don't notice my depression because I walk around with my penis out.Tue Aug 31 19:10:49 via Twitter for iPhone

Little Tommy knew one thing: the oak would be there long after his death. Twenty years later, Tom was a dad, and the oak was 3 tables. #vssWed Sep 01 08:44:41 via Chromed Bird

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