Friday, 2 April 2010

55-Friday Flash Fiction #2

limo[10]‘I’m not sure. It’s kinda tacky to do it like this.’
‘What’s wrong with a stretch limo, you can fit the band in.’
‘Well…do we have to have the topless driver, she’s a wobbler.’
‘Duh-ta-duh, it’s for Duke’.
‘But do you think that Duke would want his funeral this way?’
Hello. He was a biker!’

Think you can write a story in 55 words? Go visit the G-man to see those who did.


  1. Aren't they all "wobblers"?

  2. you only go once, might as well make it fun. smiles. nice 55.

    mine is uP!

  3. Would anyone even notice a topless driver?

  4. Wobbler? Too darned funny. Sorry, no disrespect for the "Duke" tho. LOLOL

    Mine is posted HERE. As always, scroll down below my Friday Show n Tell to find my 55.

    Have a great holiday weekend.

  5. waves @ Sherry not like that girl!

    waves @ Brian Miller well I want my mourners to dress up as in this Queen video I want to be free. and lipsync dancing around the church

    waves @ stan ski not with that bike!
    waves @ changnoi isn't it

  6. What a truly inspiring post, Ha ha ha…I say if you have to go why not go out in style!

  7. That's some vehicle!
    And a 55 to suit, though I didn't realise it was a hearse until the end.

  8. Where the hell did you get that snapshot? I hope everyone parties down at my wake. "It took a funeral to make me fell alive!"

    Yeah, and if you're topless you're gonna wobble. Unless you're flat as the road.

    A great 55! Thanks for droppin in on my blog.

  9. that's a beautiful inspiration,
    everyone has to go eventually,
    why not go easily and happily?
    thank you for the fun!

  10. "wobbler" that's funny.

    I think the biker would be very happy.

  11. Looks like the imagination needs stretching here to match the limo...

  12. That's the right send off! lol - This is a fun 55.

    My 55 is here if you'd like to read.

  13. waves @ janna yes let's party

    waves @ peter hearse is for the end, yes I agree :-)

    waves @ Yvonne gentleman never reveals what wobbled when or his sources

    waves @ jingleyanqiu he's in the big car park in the sky

    waves @ Nessa I bet he like his wobbles

    waves @ jinksy yes he needs to lighten up.

    waves @ GM ee, it were like

  14. Haha I like the don't realise it's a funeral till the end. A good send-off :)

  15. Sounds like a hell of a send off! A terrific 55, John!

  16. Excellent follow-up to G-Man's post, too...

    If we don't share the road, there's an abrupt ending to the beginning.

  17. "she's a wobbler" LOL loved it. What a send off. Very clever. Happy Easter to you and your family :)

  18. What a way to leave this worldly misery Eh?
    Excellent 55 My Friend.
    Sort of what I was posting about.
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Happy Easter and a Kick ass Week-End...G

  19. I hope that I can go out like that!

  20. LOL. This goes great with the picture from the previous post. I could see the chauffeur in body paint.

  21. You can get away with topless with a machine like that right behind--and under--you! That was fun.

  22. Oh, my. Oh, my. What a send off! Of course, Duke would want his funeral that way. D

  23. @ Aoife.Troxel its what he would have liked!

    @ Felicitas its the best for the best.

    @ Titanium yep, you have to stop when the bike stops or its the great rally in the sky!

    @ Thom not that a gentleman would notice...

    @ g-man glad to have taken part

    @ otin well...

    @ Alice Audrey ooh yes, all in silver to match the chrome

    @ SandyCarlson I mean who would notice?

    @ Donnetta Lee A friend of Duke's is a friend of mine!

  24. When your name is Duke, you like wobbler's. And if you have wobbler's your going to have a Buzzard or two hanging around, I promise.

  25. Hey, to each his own...why not go out with a smile? :)

    Happy Easter!


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