Friday, 6 December 2013

Love is a lie when not in their hearts, but in their eyes

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The sea was rough with horse waves, rode hard by a cold east wind.

I die...for a ghost watches without judgement. He had come in tears wearing shredded flesh and I gave love. Now he sails and loves only what waits ahead,

So at each shingle roar I mourn the kiss he never felt,


  1. Love the power of the sea conveyed in this--rough with horse waves. Beautiful write.

  2. John...
    Your link worked, and you had a very creative and profound 55
    Fantastic and well written My Friend
    Thanks for playing and sharing, your imagery was awesome, have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. Horse waves?? Is that like mare's tails????

    Love the the lakes, rode hard by a hard east wind, or west as tonight.

    1. No, that's too fine and delicate. I had in mine an image like this

  4. Galloping waves (I can see them in my mind) Nice


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