Wednesday, 30 March 2011

One Day by David Nicholls (2009)


The title is the clue as to the novels theme and structure as it is a love story explored on one day - the anniversary of when Dex and Em first meet – over 20 years. You soon despair and root for them as they struggle in the cultural and economic changes of the period getting ever nearer that one day. Think of when Harry met Sally to grasp the novel’s approach but with different and unexpected twists. The characters allow for strong emotional engagement due to the trick of changing point-of-view between the main and some minor characters so along with the writer’s voice this makes for a rich weave of characterisation. David Nicholls background is in film and TV work so the film adaption is done and dusted. And yes, I laughed and cried throughout so turning the last page left me in mourning.

Amazon_5_star: Exemplar - Its a keeper for reading again. Rush out and buy copies for friends.

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