Thursday, 9 December 2010

We just don’t say it



Jo, hair flying, put her hand on Tom’s, ‘No, leave it on, I love jazz...why are you frowning?’

Tom thought, because you are the sun and I the moon made by your light but said, ‘Was I?’

Jo shrugged, ‘Men, no soul.’

Tom just smiled and turned the music up.

Random Word: Driving Music



if you want to listen, click on below



  1. love it, and the sun makes you squint!

  2. Am I a hopeless romantic? I love this one.

  3. Hi! Clicking on random blogs on random blog's blog rolls (wow, ok that sounds confusing!), I arrived at yours!

    Love this little short story. It speaks volumes and that I think is a true gift! :)


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