Friday, 1 October 2010

Come and reminisce with the Class of 1980

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‘You're one of those Piffle thingies.’

‘No, I'm Hufflepuffle and proud of it.’


It was the class of 80 reunion and naturally, if not distracted, old feuds resurfaced. Having already lost two masters and a tower, the principal rushed to distract them but in vain as a flash and an annoyed, ‘Woof’ greeted him.

Random Word: Piffle

if you want to listen, click on below


  1. ha. fun 55...not sure i want to be there when all hellp breaks loose at a magic school reunion...

  2. Fun enjoyed the 55..

    Mine is up...

    --Someone Is Special--

  3. Enjoyed this 55er made me smile,,, loved the photo -- kind of looks like my red headed dog, a little suspicion looking at times when I glance down at him giving him treats,,,Umm?


  4. that is cute i can't imagine how difficult it would be to chapparone such an event

  5. Great image and a fun 55 post to go with it.

  6. Now that was quite an epiphany or is that an epuffanie

    Nice 55

    have a "kick puffle weekend"

    Moonie smiles

  7. Perhaps this is why reunions never interested me...what if the class President looked like that now? :)

    Well done and I so enjoy listening to you read them!


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