Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Book clubs and me

1)They read best sellers, I don't.
2) Book clubs are an excuse for middle aged, middle class women to get pissed on red wine and dis men and work( I know as I get pissed with their husbands).
3) I liked seminars at University but like reading clubs only the earnest actually prepare the work
4) I can never commit a day week in and week out as work, life and TV intrude.
5) The monthly Radio 4 book club with audience and the author is far more interesting
6) If I go to one, then I have to go to the Wife's music appreciation(Indian Mediation Chants) evening as part of our doing things together exercise.
7) Meeting strangers on the net much better, you can pretend to be sexy and clever rather then fat and fifty.
8) Would have to accept that Middle Class so lose working class hero image...this is a bad thing
9) The Americans invented it so must be a a religious or capitalist trick
10) No man group one has invited me

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