Friday, 17 September 2010

Be sillier on this trip while time

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 Naughty Granies

‘What they don’t tell you, is that the guy without balls has to be gay or he could still help a lonely girl’. 

The women roared with laughter. Millie thought, this was one fun old folks home.

Later at tea, she helped start their first Mexican Bra wave, which when perfected, rounded off most evenings.


Random Word: How could you

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  1. Over shoulder bolder holders...nice post...Silly keeps us young.

  2. at least they still have spunk...smiles.

  3. i agree with brian - at least they still have spunk..

  4. Old people can still be sexy lol

    this is a fun home..

    I love this post look forward to more of your work

  5. I just puked in my mouth...

    But I do love FUN!

    Loved your 55 My Friend.
    Thanks for playing, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  6. Umm!

    I wonder what the Baby Boomer generation will do? they have already gone topless?

    Fun 55er


  7. This was the most fun 55 I have read today. Awesome job, John.

  8. Dolly Parton eat your heart out. I love the ingenuity of the ladies. LOL Great 55 my friend. Have a great Friday as well :)

  9. I hope the one I end up in is going to be amusing and full of pranks and the like!!! Wonderful 55 - keeps one alive!!!

  10. Well, that's a glimpse into my future!

  11. It's good to know I have fun to look forward to when I am decrepit. Laugh out loud funny.

  12. That's what I love about working with Senior Citizens...they know FUN is more important that what other people think.

    Nice one!

  13. Mexican Bra it.


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