Saturday, 21 August 2010

Six Word Saturday#23

Describing your Saturday life or thoughts on Show My Face at the moment of writing in a phrase using just six words.

A first always means a last**

Trying to give my elderly in-laws a last chance to stay at their beloved seaside flat.  He has had a stroke and so is now confused and unable to speak and she is severely senile. They need 24 hour care so I'm typing this as I watch over them on their morning snooze. My wife has snook out for a well deserved swim to clear her head. When they leave here it's to a nursing home and the end of an era for them.


  1. My 6 words for you are: These words are ever so true


  2. I've often contemplated how I would support my parents if they reached the point in their lives when they are no long able to be self-sufficient. I'm one of four children, the only girl and still single, so I guess I've always assumed the responsibility would be mine.

    It's like changing seasons....

    (Sorry for the post re-do. I messed up last time.)

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  3. Hi sorry not to get back to anyone this week. My internet level access would have amazed the inventors but none else! I advise less then gently be clear what quality and dignity of life you feel is necessary for you when you get old and frail. And then what to do if it falls below that level. Health professionals will keep you alive regardless of the quality of that life. Only you have the right to choose when this becomes an issue

  4. This is sad when it happens.

  5. My husband and I took turns helping first dad, and then mom when they were ill before they died, so that they could stay in their own home. It was indeed hard, yet so lovely to spend their last weeks and days with them.

    One day it will be us..and we hope our kids will do the same for us. (If possible)

    What they gave us over our life was reason enough to want to pay them respect and love in their last days.

    But we do know it is a hard and very emotional time.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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