Friday, 27 August 2010

Got your photograph but it don't kiss back

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The autumn leaves
changed colours
but you were springMan and Baby
with its hopes
not a misty regret
of winter
by a log fire

Looking back
I still dream
although summer
with gentle walks
along green riverbanks
picking wild flowers
never came
but you gave our child
her own seasons
as I wait
for you

Random Word: Autumn Leaves

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  1. Wonderful image and you painted a beautiful picture with your words too. Nice.

  2. Poignant, very beautiful writing.
    Thanks for reading mine.

  3. Getting a bit reflective are we?
    This 55 was perfect!
    One of the best of the day so far.
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...G

  4. this is beautiful and a bit sad...hope you dont have to wait long...nice 55.

  5. Very poignant 55. And I love the photo. Perfect.

  6. Oh my
    How lovely this is!
    Awesome 55!

  7. Poignant 55. Leaves me guessing.

    Mine's here

  8. what a precious 55.
    love the image and the spirits in your work.

  9. Beautiful poignant and tender 55er, nicely done and a beautiful photograph, the dear one has wisdom in its little eyes and a very pensive look.

    Lovely 55er,

  10. I loved this one and the audio touch was wonderful!

  11. There is sweet with sadness intermingled. A child is always a blessing but sometimes the cost is high.

    Nicely done 55

    Moon smiles

  12. I read it again and caught the reference to your mother this time.

    What a sweet reflection - now that the sting of my father's death is removed the sweet memories and reflections waft thru the day

    happy One Shot

    I got a double shot comment this week

    Moon smiles


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