Saturday, 24 July 2010

Six Word Saturday#19

Describing your Saturday life on Show My Face at the moment of writing in a phrase using just six words.My GardenWho has time to do gardening? **
** Yes it is my garden and no I’m not setting you up for a ‘before we had the landscaper’s in’ shot. Although we had arranged to get one in before the money set aside went on a very expensive vet bill. And yes all the neighbours have neat lawns and family barbeques on Sundays. Your point is? Actually for about six weeks the grass is long and green and it looks like a wild meadow as long as no heavy rain. But for the rest of the year it’s a ‘let’s not talk about it’ mess. Being English we don’t, apart from the heavy hints from neighbours about would we like to borrow the lawn mower – ‘it’s so easy to use.'
The excuse for this year’s inaction is that the neighbour’s wall on the right fall down and has just been rebuilt after a six month delay. So in the next few weeks the talk is about getting in a strimmer and then a rotovator to allow the landscaper to wave his wand. But apart from my back-neck problems( you don't want to know), the wife refusing her cancer treatment exploring alternative health treatment, the possibility of becoming unemployed ( and no this would not give me more time for the garden ), having to pay for my son’s passage through University and very frail parents whose care arrangements are in deep doo-doo, I can’t think what would stop us getting it straight this year. But I’m working on it.


  1. Hi again,

    Sorry to read about all yr problems - hope it all works out for you.

    PS Mine this time is HERE. Hope you can stop by.

  2. When the neighbors offer you the mower offer them one of your other problems to deal with too. Maybe that will keep them quiet ;0)

  3. Next time the charitable neighbors suggest the use of their mower....say, "Sure, come on over...the lawn is all yours to fix for us!"

  4. I admire those who do gardening...
    guess who,


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