Friday, 21 May 2010

The Chicago Caper

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‘Jesus,’ he was flying away with a cool million. The saps had fallen for worthless bonds leaving Bugsy to take the rap. As the biplane levelled, he looked down - the gun blast his last memory.

Below, Johnny two-guns was hitting first but above in the plane, removing his goggles, Bugsy just said, ‘Got yar.’



  1. i love their names...and way to take em out...nice 55.

    mine is up!

  2. awesome 55.
    you have special way with your words.

    i have mine posted too.

  3. No one really ever gets away. (Except in Shawshank Redemption!) What a sap. Yes, fun names!

    Thanks for visting mine.

  4. fun and exciting 55!
    like a 1950 movie....

  5. Perfect capture of the era.
    Thanks for the visit. :))

  6. Quite the caper indeed. Loved the photo to go with it!

    Thanks for stopping by my place.


  7. What an escapade! Mobsters, twin winged planes, guns & really set the scene...great 55~!

  8. You took flight in that one.

  9. The biggest problem with a life of crime is dealing with the other criminals.

    Excellent 55.

  10. Creative visuals you bring to this story. Fun 55. My 55 is HERE .

  11. What a cool story of an era gone by. :) I love the "got yar" Well done my friend :) Have a wonderful weekend :)

  12. John...?
    I think you are giving away your age!
    Excellent 55 My friend.
    Thanks for playing today, thanks for visiting, and have a Kick Ass Week-End...Galen

  13. That's one way to make a million quick!

  14. As the Shadow always said, "The weed of crime bears bitter fruit."

  15. yes it's a true story I really hated to do what I did but then again he's been getting gas from me for quite some time now. I finally decided the only way to stop this is to step into a lower place than I like to be. So I bought five dollars of gas and then filled the rest of the can with water and placed it back in the truck with the rest of my equipment as I always did. The neighbor figured out that I filled my tanks for my gardening tools every Sunday night. He'd hit me early Monday Or Tuesday morning. I waited up at night just to see if I'd catch this guy and I finally did he thought he was slick doing what he was doing so I had to show him who was smarter than the average bear and it's going to cost him money just to clean out the gasline and the gas tank as you all know gas and water don't mix I really don't think he'll ever do it again if he does he's more of an idiot than I thought.

    thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.Larry This Blog Of Mine

  16. "Got Yar" that something like "Gotcha"?

    Could not help but smile while reading this. Thanks....

  17. ...and yeah, I DO have one up also:


  18. It's dog eat dog in a life of crime.
    Great post!

  19. Great story! Your gangsters have great names too.

  20. 'got yar'. I like that one. Nice 55.


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