Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The loss of my Muse

I stare and sigh, is this a sonnet form?
It has some rhymes as does a sonnet form.
Yet dull you say, so different than the norm.
My poem has an iambic rhythm, right?
A sonnet is so regular like it, right?
Does silence tell me you think erudite shite?
I like to think it has emotion too.
A summer's day, it ain't but passion too
of sorts, within a line or two, I argue.
You see the form must grow to live and shock.
Shakespeare so loved, what Petrarch found a shock
and so must you, although you think it's a crock.
And yet I have my doubts, my dreams and fears,
of sonnets lacking love or even tears.


Random Word: The Goddess

1 comment:

  1. So the page eats the museless words as well! And we still search for sustenance


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